Daily Rituals

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Copper Tongue Scraper

Adopt an ancient technique into your daily ritual



Nourish.  Purify.  Restore

Active Benefits {}

A traditional Ayuvedic ritual (Jihwa Prakshalana) to rid the mouth of harmful substances, gently detoxifying while enhancing all senses of taste. Scape away debris, build up, and volatile oils that may pose a threat to your oral health while your breath's scent is cleansed in the process. 

Tips & Use {}

Upon rising, and before drinking water, scrape your tongue 5-10 times with a soft, relaxed tongue. Reach to the back of the tongue and comfortably scrape the toxins off the tongue and rinse each time. A slight gag may be a normal reflex for you, with time this may settle. Follow your ritual with brushing your teeth and flossing, before consuming your first daily conscious creation to start your morning.