Botanical Teas

Discover our collection of Naturopath-formulated medicinal tea blends that offer a delicate balance of therapeutic purpose and earthly flavour.

Plant Medicine / Botanical Teas

{Tea Nᵒ1}

Calm Tea

{Tea Nᵒ2}

Immune Tea

{Tea Nᵒ3}

Detox Tea

{Tea Nᵒ4}

Digest Tea

{Tea Nᵒ5}

Energy Tea

{Tea Nᵒ6}

Glow Tea

{Tea Nᵒ7}

She Tea

{Tea Nᵒ9}

Sticky Chai


{Tea Refills}

{Tea Refill Nᵒ1}

Calm Tea Refill

{Tea Refill Nᵒ2}

Immune Tea Refill

{Tea Refill Nᵒ3}

Detox Tea Refill

{Tea Refill Nᵒ4}

Digest Tea Refill

$36.00  $32.40
{Tea Refill Nᵒ5}

Energy Tea Refill

{Tea Refill Nᵒ6}

Glow Tea Refill

{Tea Refill Nᵒ7}

She Tea Refill

{Tea Refill Nᵒ9}

Sticky Chai Refill


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