Accompany with

Accompany with

Essence {No2}


I Am Earthed

A vibrational imprint of australian bush flower and alaskan gem essences.





smoky quartz.


red lily.

Balance & Power

Active Benefits {}

A bringer of centred earthiness, strengthens one's connection to the earth. Brings a stronger flow of earth energy into the root and sacral chakras; stimulates the release of emotional energies that have been stuck in the lower chakras. Synchronises earth energy with our physical body.

Essences are made with a force of nature, channeling the energy and vibrational imprint of the plants and crystals. They are made with the purest intention and the information giving the healing properties of the plant or gem is intuitively collected.

Tips & Use {}

4 drops under tongue 1-3 times daily. Contains alcohol.


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