Essence {No6}



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I Am Clear

A vibrational imprint of australian bush flower and alaskan gem essences.


black tourmaline.

blue green tourmaline.



wild potato bush.

pink flannel flower.

Purify.  Release.  Unify

Active Benefits {}

A bringer of gentle detoxification, to liberate to let go. Encouraging sparkly definition to the auric field, elevating alignment of the heart to anchor in serenity. A clearing blend to enhance, harmonise and attune the body, mind and spirit to the frequency of lightness.

Essences are made with a force of nature, channeling the energy and vibrational imprint of the plants and crystals. They are made with the purest intention and the information giving the healing properties of the plant or gem is intuitively collected.

Tips & Use {}

4 drops under tongue 1-3 times daily. Contains alcohol.