Botanical Tea {No5}



Energy Tea

This minty green blend is energising, cognition enhancing and antioxidant rich.


green tea.

yerba mate.


siberian ginseng.


lemon peel.


Vitality.  Strength.  Stamina

Active Benefits {}

A naturopathic-formulated blend of organic herbs with a soft and subtle minty tone.

This tea works to modulate the immune system and increase vitality, performance and concentration. Yerba mate and green tea are age-old medicines packed full of antioxidants, providing the ability to enhance mental clarity and energy. Liquorice, Tulsi and Siberian Ginseng hold the unique power to increase the body's adaptation to physical, mental and emotional stress.

Tips & Use {}

Drink time of the day when you feel you need a little pep in your step.