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Cacao Base Powder

Ceremonial grade, organic Peruvian cacao. A heavenly base for your perfect Elixir of the Gods!

Elevate.  Celebrate.  Enhance

Active Benefits {}

Ceremonial grade, sustainably harvested, raw and organic Peruvian Cacao elevated with a hint of sugar-free sweetness from organic mineral dense carob and blood sugar stabilising cinnamon. 

Tips & Use {}

To create~ Stir 2-4 tsp into a paste with hot water before adding your choice of plant mylk. Blend with ice or genty heat stovetop. There is a subtle sweetness in our cacao blend, yet if you yearn for more add a little wild honey, nectar or syrup. Be Your Own Alchemist with the addition of Orchard St. Medicinal Mushrooms, Tonic Herbs and Elixir Powders!

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