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Medicinal Mushroom {No1}



The Beauty Shroom


tremella mushroom.

100% fruiting body powder.

certified organic.

Hydrate & Glow

Active Benefits {}

Revered for centuries in TCM as a preserver of eternal youth. The beautifying potential of tremella is linked to an abundance of antioxidants with a particular affinity to water; hydrating and plumping from within. This protective powerhouse is also a rich natural source of vitamin D.

Tips & Use {}

To reap the benefits stir 1/2 - 1 tsp daily into a conscious creation of choice. Work up to 2 tsp.

FAQ's {}


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What are medicinal mushrooms?

For thousands of years medicinal mushrooms have been highly revered in Traditional Chinese Medicine as a tool for longevity, immune support and life-force enhancement, utilised to deeply nourish and support vitality and vigour. Historically, these profound health tonics have been utilised and cultivated in Asia. These fungal organisms are categorised as basidiomycetes which are fungal organisms consisting of 3 main parts; a mycelium, a mushroom (fruiting body) and the spore.

What part of the mushroom do we use?

We only use the fruiting body in our preparations. Essentially, this “fruiting body” is what many would recognise as the “mushroom”. Beneath the surface, an incredibly complex network of mycelium exist and thrive on the decaying organic material that they feed off. Through this web of mycelia, the fungus absorbs the nutrients from its surrounding environment, concentrating these nutrients into the fruiting body that you in turn, ingest. Most harvested mushrooms are commonly grown either on grain, resulting in high levels of starch and the dilution of medicinal compounds present, and/or the mycelium is used, not the fruiting body. This fruiting body is the only part that we harvest and use for preparation, as it has the highest medicinal activity; with scientific tests proving that the fruiting body is the most valuable part of the fungal organism.

Why do we use farmed mushrooms?

Our mushrooms are grown exactly how nature and history has intended, ensuring a constant harmonious balance of light, temperature and humidity. This unique process sees the mushroom organism inoculated on highly nutritious, natural substances to produce mushrooms with the highest medicinal compounds; rich in nutrients and extremely potent. This cultivation method replicates the natural growing conditions that exist in the wild; for mushrooms, the most integral part of this process is the substrate material that mycelium decomposes and fruits upon. Wild harvested mushrooms, if medicinal properties can be validated, are a wonderful option however over harvesting has significantly affected biosphere.

Where are they grown?

The emphasis on harvesting tonic herbs in their state closest to how nature intended, is paramount at Orchard St. This is why we ensure our mushrooms are cultivated within fair-trade and sustainable farms in their native regions in China, where these communities have been growing and ingesting Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years. As with everything we do, we aim to tread lightly on the planet, keeping as close to nature as can be. It is in this process that we ensure our mushroom’s are unadulterated, just as Mother Nature intended.

What makes our mushrooms medicinal?

Our medicinal mushrooms are a potent source of many phytoactive compounds; notably beta glucan rich polysaccharides. This ensures that we reap the full benefit of the mushrooms; activating our immune system & increasing lymphocyte cell counts (NK cells, T-cells), modulating waste and toxin removal from the body, sustaining radiant health and cell function within the organs of the body.

Are they tested for purity?

Absolutely. Each of our mushrooms are routinely and rigorously tested for heavy metals, pesticides, mould and total microbes, including E. coli and salmonella. No fillers, additives or preservatives will be found in any of our mushrooms, or any other product we sell for that matter! These are purely mushroom fruiting bodies.

How do I take them?

Mushrooms can be easily added to your daily routine; a ¼-1 tsp in your daily tea, coffee, elixir, smoothie, water or sprinkled into your favourite recipe. If you’re more partial to capsules, they can be consumed orally in an empty vegetable cellulose capsule.

Are they safe for everyone?

Mushrooms are one of the safest botanicals to elevate you and your family’s wellness. Though, as with all of our products, please seek medical advice if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. These powerful tonic herbs are designed to enhance your life experience, not to treat, cure or remedy.