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Botanical Tea {No9}


Sticky Chai

Orchard St. x Ruya Chai ~ Generously spiced blend of organic Masala spices and adaptogenic herbs long marinated in wild honey.


black tea.



star anise.

fennel seed.


amla berries.



raw honey.

{Soothe & Comfort}

Active Benefits {}

A soul warming, Ayurvedic inspired union of organic black tea with traditional Masala spices revered for their carminative properties; easing troubles of the digestive and nervous systems. Long marinated in raw honey from a sustainable and organic farm sitting alongside the beautiful Bellinger River on NSW Mid North Coast.

Packaging update:

Please note the Sticky Chai Tea jar is now screw lid as per Cacao; enabling greater sustainability and longevity of product.

Tips & Use {}

Step 1. Heap two teaspoons in a small saucepan with 125ml of water. Step 2. Bring to a simmer. Step 3. Add 250ml milk of choice and slowly heat again to simmer. Step 4. Strain. Step 5. Sip in sweet bliss.


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