Daily Rituals

Yoni Egg {No1}


Rose Quartz Egg

Revered in Taoist practises for centuries as a powerful tool for cultivating qi (life force energy), harmonising yin/ yang energies. Allows for strengthening, awakening and connecting with the yoni.

Love.  Peace.  Harmony

Active Benefits {}

The stone of love. 
Opens the heart chakra and enhances our abilities for deep self-love.
Clears emotional channels, releasing negativity and reprogramming us for joy.

Our Rose Quartz Yoni Eggs are certified Rose Quartz with a MOHS (Mineral Hardness Scale) of 7.

Each egg is a 'medium' stone measuring 3cm X 4cm. 

Tips & Use {}

Cleanse and charge your egg in spring water under the moonlight. Create a calm, safe and sacred space. Thread natural, unflavoured dental floss through the hole. Allow the other end of the yoni egg to be gently drawn within. Begin your yoni egg practise.


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